“Embrace Brexit or Stay in the Past?” Starmer’s EU Comments Spark Tory Fury

Keir Starmer’s vision for the UK’s EU relationship ruffles feathers in the Conservative Party

Labour leader Keir Starmer’s recent declaration not to “diverge” from EU rules has not sat well with Tory MP Mark Spencer, who believes the UK needs to wholeheartedly embrace the opportunities post-Brexit.

Starmer’s comments were made during a conference with centre-left leaders in Canada, emphasising the advantages of shared values between the UK and EU. However, Spencer sees this as a step back in time, asserting that the nation needs to acknowledge its decision to exit the EU and stop “looking backwards”.

Starmer’s latest statements mark a shift from his previous approach, which was more cautious when discussing the UK’s future relationship with the EU. At the international summit, attended by influential politicians like Justin Trudeau, Starmer elaborated on his vision, hinting at finding more common ground with the EU than previously admitted.

However, this has reignited the Brexit debate with Tory ministers, including Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, challenging Labour’s shifting stance. Meanwhile, Labour sources have countered Conservative criticism, stressing they won’t join the single market or customs union and won’t be mere “rule-takers”. Read more

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