Historic Statue’s Plaque Drama Ignites Edinburgh Firestorm

Debate Over “Woke” Plaque Linked to BLM Erupts After Unexpected Removal

In a recent turn of events, the much-debated brass plaque on the historic Melville Monument in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, has been taken down, causing an uproar in the community.

This plaque, installed in 2021 after efforts from the Black Lives Matter movement, pointed to the monument’s alleged connections to the slave trade. However, the Melville Monument Committee (MMC), responsible for the removal, cites historical inaccuracies as their primary reason.

Prominent historians, like Professor Sir Tom Devine, previously criticised the plaque as “flawed” and even suggested it “brought dishonour” to Edinburgh.

However, the removal without Edinburgh Council’s consent has led to claims of illegality, and Police Scotland is now involved in the ongoing dispute. Read more

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