EU’s Left-wing Vision Crumbles: Rising Right-Wing Momentum and Euroscepticism Set To Reshape Europe

Europe witnesses a seismic shift towards right-wing politics and euroscepticism

Leading Brexiteers have unveiled a pivotal turn in European political landscape. Contrary to the desires of pro-Left ‘Re-joiners’, the vision of a Left-wing Europe appears to be on the decline. Increasingly, populist right parties with staunch conservative views are making significant inroads, altering the political trajectory of the EU.

Challenges to the federalist, Left-leaning union, predominantly promoted by French and German administrations, have emerged with the strengthening of nationalist and hard right entities. Poland and Hungary’s right-wing stances on various social issues have already sent shockwaves among European liberals. Yet, it’s not just Eastern Europe. The rise of parties like the Brothers of Italy, the Finns Party, and Sweden Democrats signals a wider European shift.

Driving this transformation are concerns about mass immigration, the upswing in nationalism, and widespread discontent with escalating living costs. Brexit’s success in establishing external trade agreements without Brussels’ intervention has further fuelled euroscepticism across Europe.

Daniel Kawczynski, Polish-born Tory MP, asserts that post-Brexit Britain has debunked myths about the EU’s indispensability, with many European nations now contemplating a similar exit.

Former MEP David Campbell Bannerman points out that while UK leftists view the EU as a beacon of socialism, the rest of Europe is veering in a contrasting direction, driven by disillusionment with a perceived remote and authoritarian socialist core.

In a more dire prognosis, ex-security minister Sir John Hayes believes the EU might be in its “death throes,” reminiscent of the fate of the Holy Roman Empire. He advocates for mutual inter-governmental cooperation instead of suppressing democratic governments. Read more

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