Tory Titan Rethinks Loyalties Over Sunak’s Green U-turn

Phones4U Billionaire John Caudwell Reassesses Support for Conservatives Following Sunak’s Controversial Environmental Revisions

John Caudwell, once the largest donor to the Conservative Party, has expressed strong reservations about supporting Rishi Sunak after the Prime Minister’s recent policy amendments on environmental issues. These changes include a delayed ban on new petrol and diesel car sales and a relaxed timeline for phasing out gas boilers.

The tycoon, who gave £500,000 to the Tories before the 2019 election, expressed sheer disbelief at Sunak’s decision to scale back reforms initially introduced by Boris Johnson.

He stated that while he remains deeply rooted in Tory principles, the looming environmental crisis is of paramount concern. Caudwell warned, “The environmental apocalypse is coming rapidly.”

This sentiment is underscored by the businessman’s previous admiration for Johnson’s ambitious green targets, which he believed would position Britain at the forefront of eco-initiatives.

Sunak’s decision to revise these targets, especially in lieu of attending the UN climate summit, has been dubbed by Caudwell as a “moment of madness.”

Despite earlier reservations about Labour’s leadership, Caudwell’s mounting disappointment with the Conservatives may steer his allegiance elsewhere. The entrepreneur’s central focus remains Britain’s growth and environmental conservation.

Caudwell affirmed, “If Labour or the right party promotes the growth of Great Britain and the saving of the environment, I have to consider that very, very closely when the time comes.” Read more

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