UK Councils to Decline Additional Migrant Requests Under New Law

Local authorities brace for backlash as the deadline for ‘binding commitments’ on asylum seeker housing looms.

Councils across the UK are expected to inform the Government that their capacity is at its limit when the Home Office requests “binding commitments” for accommodating additional migrants in the coming weeks. This decision is in light of the Illegal Migration Act, introduced by Rishi Sunak in July, which mandates the Government to seek feedback from local councils on the annual intake of individuals entering the UK through “safe and legal routes” to claim asylum.

The mandatory consultation is slated for October 20th. While the Government is assessing the ability of councils to house more migrants, many in both central and local government anticipate only a marginal increase in available spaces, if any. There are growing concerns within local governments about potential negative reactions from their communities. Some officials believe the Government’s approach is a tactic to shift the responsibility to the councils, placing them in a challenging position.

The Local Government Association (LGA) has voiced worries about the pressures that current asylum and resettlement systems are putting on local authorities. Shaun Davies, the LGA chair, highlighted that a unified approach with the government is essential, one that addresses the strain on local services and pressing housing requirements for all new UK arrivals.

Meanwhile, Home Office strategies for housing asylum seekers continue to be contentious. Tom Gracey, leader of Runnymede Borough Council in Surrey, stressed the importance of considering local needs and ensuring any housing solution is sustainable.

The Home Office reaffirms the UK’s commitment to supporting the vulnerable and highlighted the significance of understanding the nation’s capacity to effectively accommodate and integrate newcomers.

In a related development, Home Secretary Suella Braverman is set to discuss international migration conventions in the US next week, emphasising the need for contemporary strategies to address the challenges of modern migration. Read more

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