Braverman Challenges Outdated Migration Conventions in Washington Visit

UK Home Secretary confronts outdated international rules amidst rising domestic pressures

Suella Braverman, the UK Home Secretary, is set to address the relevance of international conventions governing migration during her three-day visit to America. Meeting with top US officials, including the Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Braverman highlights the potential for governments to “risk losing their democratic legitimacy” if they neglect illegal migration.

Highlighting the issues of “illegal migration and unprecedented mass movement,” Braverman suggests a re-evaluation of conventions, notably the UN Refugee Convention, which stipulates the responsibilities of asylum-granting nations.

Back in the UK, local councils gear up for a mandated consultation on their capability to house more migrants, following the Illegal Migration Act. The Telegraph reports the government’s intent to secure “binding commitments” from these councils, many of which signal being near capacity. Predictions of resident backlash loom, with some councils indicating they’re at “breaking point.”

The Local Government Association notes mounting pressures on councils from current asylum and resettlement efforts. They urge a unified approach, recognising the toll on local amenities, guaranteeing sufficient funding, and addressing immediate housing needs.

While the Home Office underscores the UK’s dedication to safeguarding the vulnerable, it emphasises understanding the nation’s capacity to accommodate arrivals through secure, regulated channels. Read more

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