From Europe’s ‘Bulwark’ to Breaking Point: Lesbos Migrant Camps Swamped by Continuing Crisis

The Strain of Unchecked Migration on Greek Shores

The Aegean waters, which once symbolised a frontline of Europe’s migrant crisis, now resonate with growing challenges faced by Greece. Fisherman Costas Pinteris recounts the frequent sights of distressed boats, indicative of a deeper issue. The central Mediterranean has seen over 20,000 refugees since 2014.

Lesbos, which held its ground as Europe’s buffer during the 2015 Syrian migrant influx, is grappling with renewed pressure. The Kara Tepe camp, designed for 3,000, now accommodates 4,500, mainly from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Overcrowding, diminishing resources, and health risks in the camp are concerns that question the effectiveness of current strategies.

While Greece’s stricter asylum measures were instituted to manage the influx, they now seem strained under the persistence of human trafficking and the relentless drive of migrants. As European locations from Lampedusa to Sicily witness similar scenarios, the need for a balanced, effective European response becomes paramount. Read more

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1 thought on “From Europe’s ‘Bulwark’ to Breaking Point: Lesbos Migrant Camps Swamped by Continuing Crisis

  1. All this mass illegal immigration should have been nipped in the bud when it first started, not just here in the UK, but in the whole of Europe, it has caused an astronomical financial burden, and its changing our culture and way of life, this is not a situation to dance around, it is a very serious problem, and could have hidden dire consequences, this is happening throughout the whole of the western world, illegals must learn to adapt to the traditions and way of life of the country they have adopted, the mollycoddling and appeasement must stop, we are giving an inch, they are taking a mile, its a simple case of, “Tow the line or leave”

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