Lib Dems in EU REJOIN Tug-of-War: Contrasting Voices Emerge from Bournemouth Conference

As Sir Ed Davey sidesteps EU rejoin debate, Layla Moran champions a return to the bloc.

The Liberal Democrats’ annual conference in Bournemouth has thrown a spotlight on a contrasting stance regarding the European Union membership.

While Sir Ed Davey, leader of Britain’s fourth-largest party, has shifted his focus away from the EU, stating that rejoining the bloc is “off the table”, Layla Moran, their foreign affairs spokesman, expressed a keen interest in rejoining, emphasising the desire to reintegrate into the Single Market.

Lord Newby, who leads the party in the House of Lords, however, voiced a cautionary note, suggesting that a focus on Europe could alienate voters. Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s former Brexit coordinator, led a 3,000-strong protest in London supporting the UK’s return to the EU, further complicating the narrative.

Beyond the EU debate, the conference saw calls for a review to increase ethnic diversity in military recruitment, as well as a proposed 1p tax on all new clothing sales to combat the environmental impacts of the “fast fashion” industry.

Carol Vorderman and Steve Coogan made virtual appearances, advocating for electoral reforms, marking the significance of the gathering in the political landscape. Read more

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