Mass Exodus: Met Firearms Officers “Step Back” Amid Murder Charge Crisis

Unprecedented action follows the charging of a colleague over Chris Kaba’s fatal shooting

The Metropolitan Police are grappling with a significant crisis as a growing number of firearms officers in London opt to “step back” from armed duties. This collective stand comes in the wake of the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service to charge a fellow officer with the murder of Chris Kaba during an armed operation last year.

As per GB News, nearly 100 officers from the Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers (CTSFO), considered the elite firearms division within the Met, have chosen to withdraw from armed duties. This move resonates deeply with fellow officers, pointing to increasing concerns about potential prosecution and changing standards in evaluating their critical decisions.

While the Met still retains a substantial number of armed officers on active duty, there is palpable anxiety that this protest may ripple throughout the firearms division in London and potentially further.

One Specialist Firearms Officer disclosed in a text message, “Mass walk out mate. I’ve handed my ticket in. Only 8 CTSFOs have their cards out of 100. My whole team have handed it in.” He expressed dismay at the treatment of the officer now facing murder charges.

In an official statement, the Met disclosed that top-ranking officers, including the commissioner, have been engaging with the firearms division in light of the decision to charge the officer, referred to as NX121, with murder. There is a growing sentiment among officers about the potential ramifications this decision may have on their roles and the safety of their loved ones. Read more

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  1. Pathetic. Usual left wing judges bringing the police into disrepute. Getting so police can’t police for fear of being sued or worse.

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