Migrant Hotel Agreement Halts Local Swim Lessons in Chichester

Local sports coaching company ousted as asylum seekers move in

DPD Coaching, a trusted sports coaching firm in Sussex, faces abrupt displacement from its longstanding venue, the Chichester Park Hotel’s swimming pool, amidst reports of a leasing deal with the Home Office to accommodate asylum seekers.

The firm, which primarily catered to children’s swimming lessons, had been a consistent user of this facility for over a decade and a half. Duncan Driver, DPD Coaching’s founder, conveyed deep concern over this unforeseen termination, revealing its significant impact on over 100 regular patrons.

The hotel, which is set to shut its doors on September 25th, will reportedly undergo a management shift, prepping it for long-term occupants believed to be asylum seekers from the Channel.

GB News ascertains the lease duration to be two years, with hotel staff only being apprised of these alterations a week prior. The Home Office reaffirms its commitment to managing illegal migration through measures such as the Illegal Migration Act. Read more

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