Remainer Hopes Dashed: Academic Lays Bare the Nightmarish Path to EU Re-entry

Professor Matthew Goodwin Dissects the Labyrinthine Challenges of Britain’s Potential EU Reunion

Following the passionate National Rejoin March in London, where a sea of hopeful faces called fervently for Britain’s reunion with the EU, Professor Matthew Goodwin introduces a more pragmatic perspective.

Breaking through the surface-level allure of rejoining, Goodwin meticulously dissects the thorny path that awaits the UK. Among the challenges he outlines are the likely compulsion to adopt the euro, a potential surrender of the UK’s previously negotiated opt-outs, and the possibility of forking out heftier contributions to the EU’s budget.

Additionally, he touches upon the broader implications, such as aligning with the EU’s principle of “ever-closer union” and entering an EU grappling with its own set of crises. Importantly, Goodwin’s research suggests that when voters are armed with this comprehensive understanding, their initial enthusiasm tends to wane considerably.

This stark assessment offers a counterpoint to the idealistic calls for re-entry, suggesting that the journey back to the EU might be far more complex than many anticipate. Read more.

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