Tunnel Toll Shockwave Hits London: Motorists Could Face Steep Crossing Charges in Blackwall and Silvertown Tunnels by 2025

Revelations from Draft TfL Signs Spark Citywide Debate

Motorists in London might have to dig deeper into their pockets as draft Transport for London (TfL) signs reveal potential charges of up to £4 for using the Blackwall or Silvertown tunnels by 2025. While no definitive decision on the charges has been made, the Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, has greenlit TfL’s request to set up road signs indicating tolls.

Currently, drivers enjoy toll-free transits through the Blackwall tunnels. However, the forthcoming Silvertown tunnel, set to connect Silvertown with Greenwich Peninsula, could introduce a toll system operational between 6 am and 10 pm. According to the published details, motorcyclists might have to pay up to £3, car drivers could be charged up to £4, and other vehicles might see fees as high as £8.50.

Charges will apply for each crossing, without an option for a return journey. Payments will be made online, eliminating the traditional toll booth method. Although the exact figure for the Silvertown tunnel has yet to be set, it’s believed that announcements will be made closer to its opening.

Opponents of the proposed tolls, such as the “Stop the Silvertown tunnel” group, argue that the Blackwall toll brings no tangible benefits and only serves to mitigate the traffic and pollution challenges introduced by the new Silvertown tunnel.

A TfL spokesperson clarified that the signs are merely placeholders and that final decisions on charges will be made after further analysis and assessments are completed. Read more

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