GB News SUSPENDS Dan Wootton After Laurence Fox Controversy

Wootton’s Sincere Apology: “This is not what our channel is about”

GB News has taken decisive action, suspending Dan Wootton following a heated episode on his programme with guest Laurence Fox. The actor’s remarks about Ava Evans, a political correspondent for PoliticsJOE, have drawn widespread condemnation. The broadcaster has stated a “full investigation” into the matter is underway.

In the aftermath, Wootton expressed his regret via X, previously known as Twitter, where he praised Ms. Evans as “brilliant” and apologised for not intervening during Fox’s comments. “Having looked at the footage, I can see how inappropriate my reaction to his [Fox’s] totally unacceptable remarks appears to be,” he acknowledged, reiterating his deep regret.

Despite the controversy, Laurence Fox remains steadfast in his position, defending his comments as an exercise in “free speech” and criticising the prevailing “cancel culture.” Media watchdog Ofcom has stated it received numerous complaints regarding Fox’s remarks and will be assessing the situation.

This isn’t the first time Wootton has found himself amidst controversy. Just last month, his MailOnline column came under scrutiny, and he was previously the target of what he described as a “smear campaign”. Read more.

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  1. Fox is getting far too arrogant.I, a one time Fox admirer, believe he should be no longer allowed on the air or in films. He is trouble.

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