Migrant Crisis Escalates: Smuggling Gangs Use Speedboats for Quick Drop-offs on European Shores

New High-Speed Tactic Revealed: Almeria’s Coastline Targeted

In a worrying escalation of the migrant crisis, people smugglers are exploiting innovative high-speed tactics to drop migrants onto European beaches. Within just the past week, evidence has emerged that these groups have started using rapid inflatable speedboats, showcasing their increased boldness and adaptability.

Within the first few days, at least six of these boats were sighted along Spain’s Andalusian coastline, particularly around the city of Almeria. Distressed local residents could only watch and record as two large rigid inflatable boats made their approach to Guainos beach. Over a hundred individuals hastily disembarked and made their way inland, scattering into the neighboring streets.

Migrants disembarking from speedboats on Guai os beach

Further investigations indicate that these boats, typically employed by criminal syndicates for drug trafficking from North Africa to Spain, were commandeered for this new purpose. Another four were witnessed further down the coast, employing the same tactic. After successfully landing their human cargo, these vessels retreated at astonishing speeds back into the Mediterranean’s depths.

Local authorities were quick to respond, with the police apprehending around 80 individuals. However, the vast majority eluded capture, blending seamlessly into the populace. Recent reports estimate that in just a few months, more than 5,000 illegal immigrants have reached the vicinity of Almeria.

Internal sources relayed exclusive information to GB News, pointing to the Moroccan city of Nador as the origin for these boats. Increasingly, the route from Nador to Almeria, alongside various Spanish islands like the Canaries, is becoming a hotspot for these Mediterranean smuggling operations.

Map showing the route from Nador to Almeria

These recent events underscore the mounting challenges that the European Union faces. The ongoing migrant crisis, characterised by record numbers of illegal crossings from North African nations like Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco, only seems to be intensifying. With the smugglers’ evolving tactics, it has become evident that a multifaceted and adaptive approach will be required to address this crisis effectively.

In conclusion, the European migrant crisis has entered a new phase, with smuggling gangs using high-speed boats to quickly drop migrants onto the continent’s shores. The situation demands immediate attention, proactive strategies, and international collaboration. SOURCE

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