Labour MP states GB News should be “Shutdown”

Labour MP Dawn Butler Calls for the Channel’s Shutdown Following Presenter Suspensions

After Lawrence Fox and Dan Wootton were suspended from GB News pending an investigation into last night’s show, the Left is attempting to silence the news channel permanently.

Labour MP and prominent socialist Dawn Butler has made a public statement on X, formerly known as Twitter, asserting that GB News should be closed down for good.

In reply to Ava-Santina, Dawn wrote “Ava I am sorry you have been put though this. GB News should be shut down. It’s pure trash.”

“Please, don’t let them zap your energy or strength.”

“Take care, you’re an amazing woman!”

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5 thoughts on “Labour MP states GB News should be “Shutdown”

  1. It’s labour that should be shut down
    GB news is the voice of the people and needs to be heard amongst the bull of C4 and the bull…. Broadcasting corporation

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