GB News Suspends Laurence Fox

GB News suspends commentator for “unacceptable” comments, but Fox remains unapologetic.

Laurence Fox, prominent leader of the Reclaim Party, is facing suspension from GB News following comments he made about journalist Ava Evans. Despite the backlash and subsequent apologies from the broadcaster and host Dan Wootton, Fox maintains his stance on the matter.

He took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to elaborate on his right to free speech and highlight what he perceives as double standards in the media’s treatment of gendered commentary.

While Ava Evans and media figure Piers Morgan have condemned Fox’s remarks, the outspoken 45-year-old continues to voice his concerns over what he describes as a “joyless new cancel culture.” Read more

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1 thought on “GB News Suspends Laurence Fox

  1. Free speech halted once again. Labour MP says GBNews should be shut down-her opinion why isn’t she being suspended. Free speech is free speech whoever voices it. One rule for one and another rule for MP

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