Nokes hypocrisy: Repeated GB News Appearances Undermine MP’s Call for Shutdown

Despite criticising GB News, Tory MP Caroline Nokes appeared on the channel numerous times before demanding its closure.

Conservative MP Caroline Nokes faces accusations of hypocrisy after her calls to “shut down” GB News, despite her frequent guest appearances on the channel. In a recent BBC Newsnight interview, Nokes labelled GB News “The People’s Channel” and voiced her desire for it to be taken off the air due to controversial comments made by presenter Laurence Fox.

These remarks about political journalist Ava Evans were deemed “totally unacceptable” by GB News, which has issued an apology and suspended both Fox and another presenter, Dan Wootton.

In the midst of the debate, many have pointed out the incongruity in Nokes’ position, given that she has made nine appearances on GB News, one as recent as ten days ago. Nokes, however, has attempted to clarify her stance, asserting she has never participated in a GB News programme hosted by a sitting MP.

Yet, this claim is challenged by her previous appearance with Dehenna Davison, a GB News host and Conservative MP. Social media users have criticised Nokes, with some challenging her credibility and calling her “a virtue signalling hypocrite.”

After the controversial discussion, both Fox and Wootton have publicly apologised, acknowledging their misjudgements. GB News, reaffirming their stand, said the comments made by Fox did not represent the channel’s values and offered unreserved apologies, further launching an internal investigation into the matter. Read more

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