GB News Presenter Calvin Robinson Suspended Following Controversial Episode

Rev. Robinson expresses solidarity with suspended co-presenters, stresses GB News mission amid internal turmoil

GB News has suspended its presenter, Calvin Robinson, in the aftermath of controversial comments directed at journalist Ava-Santina Evans by fellow presenters Dan Wootton and Laurence Fox. The comments, which have been widely criticised, questioned the appeal of Ms. Evans. As a result, GB News bosses and the two presenters have extended their apologies to Ms. Evans.

The broadcaster’s decision came to light after Robinson himself shared the news, stating, “I have been suspended from GB News.” Taking a stance of solidarity, Rev. Robinson declared he would refrain from appearing on Dan Wootton’s programme without him, commenting, “If he falls, we all fall.”

Angelos Frangopoulos, the head of GB News, expressed remorse for the aired comments, emphasising they ought to have been “properly challenged” by Wootton. With GB News commencing an in-house inquiry into the incident, regulatory body Ofcom has initiated its own investigation after receiving an estimated 7,300 complaints concerning the episode.

In a deeper dive into the matter on a platform formerly identified as Twitter, Robinson voiced his admiration for Wootton’s pivotal role in shaping GB News. He criticised certain individuals keen on replacing Wootton, characterising them as worse than the “woke mob.”

Robinson, who also anchors a religious current affairs segment on GB News, warned the channel faces existential risks if it fails to back Wootton. He views GB News as more than just a career opportunity, considering it a mission to reshape public dialogue and differentiate from mainstream outlets.

MailOnline disclosed its decision to end its association with Wootton, who had been writing columns for them. Both Wootton and Fox have tendered apologies to Ms. Evans for the incident. Source

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