Michelle Dewberry Defends GB News on ITV Good Morning Britain

GB News presenter stands her ground on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, highlighting the “exception not the rule” policy of the channel.

GB News’ Michelle Dewberry made a resolute appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, refuting criticisms and championing her channel’s commitment to fair journalism. Dewberry’s robust defence came following the suspension of Dan Wootton and Laurence Fox by GB News due to controversial on-air comments.

Ben Shephard, co-presenter of GMB, ignited the debate by questioning the stance of GB News after the incident on one of their prime-time shows. Dewberry responded firmly, acknowledging the wrong but emphasising that the channel acted swiftly in suspending those involved. She stressed, “That is not who GB News is,” highlighting their dedication to responsible broadcasting.

Kate Garraway, another GMB presenter, interjected by highlighting the calls from some quarters, including Tory MPs, for shutting down GB News. In a context where GB News touts itself as a champion of free speech, she suggested potential pitfalls unless clear boundaries are maintained. Dewberry stood her ground, underlining the point that such instances were exceptions in the vast sea of hours the channel has broadcast since its inception.

A significant portion of the conversation revolved around the perceived bias in mainstream media, with Dewberry citing GB News’ establishment as a response to a gap in addressing a significant section of the British public. She used the channel’s increasing viewership metrics, particularly her show’s impressive ratings against Sky News, as a testament to their growing credibility.

Many ITV viewers later commended Dewberry for her cogent arguments in defence of GB News, noting the impartiality evident in other media houses. Social media reactions showed support, indicating that while not everyone might agree with GB News, its right to voice alternative views is paramount. Source

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