Tory Split Intensifies Over GB News Controversy

MP Caroline Nokes faces backlash for her call to take the channel off the air

The Conservative party faces internal strife after MP Caroline Nokes demanded that GB News be “taken off air”. This move has sparked a heated dispute, intensifying the discord among Tory MPs. Philip Davies, a fellow Conservative MP and GB News host, vehemently criticised Nokes’ statement, highlighting the contradictions in her stance.

Nokes, chairing the Commons Women and Equalities Committee, made her contentious remarks on Newsnight. However, her credibility was questioned when it surfaced that she had appeared on GB News just a fortnight earlier.

Adding to the uproar, Nokes criticised fellow Tory MPs with GB News shows, such as Esther McVey and Jacob Rees-Mogg. In retort, she justified her absence from such shows, citing her responsibilities as an MP in the House of Commons. She further urged that Ofcom, the communications regulator, should give GB News the boot, especially following controversies with the channel’s presenters.

While Nokes’ comments and the Newsnight episode have stirred considerable controversy, she did find support from former Countdown celebrity, Carol Vorderman. Nevertheless, the overwhelming sentiment appeared negative, with many citing a lack of balance in the Newsnight show and some accusing the BBC of breaching impartiality rules.

Philip Davies was quick to point out Nokes’ inconsistency, challenging her silence on previous BBC scandals. He was joined in his critique by prominent figures such as Conservative commentator Nile Gardiner, who equated Nokes’ remarks to Orwellian censorship.

The situation has become more complex with the Newsnight show drawing criticism for its apparent bias, as it predominantly featured guests opposing GB News, including Adam Boulton from Sky News, a direct competitor.

Many, including GB News commentator Darren Grimes, have approached Ofcom with concerns about the BBC’s impartiality, accusing it of anti-competitive behaviour. Source

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