Home Secretary Issues Stark Warning on Uncontrolled Migration

Suella Braverman emphasises the needs for international solutions; questions opposition stance on border controls

In a recent interview with GB News, Home Secretary Suella Braverman expressed grave concerns regarding unchecked migration, cautioning that it might result in “disintegration in our society” if immediate action isn’t taken. She accentuated the international nature of the crisis, urging for a “global solution” and challenged whether current international regulations are “fit for purpose.”

Speaking with Lee Anderson, the Conservative Party deputy chairman, Ms Braverman stressed the significance of democratically legitimated border controls. She noted, “People want control of their borders, and if we don’t address this, societal disintegration will ensue.”

The Home Secretary was also critical of the Labour party’s stance on migration, accusing them of being “clueless” and suggesting they would “fundamentally open our borders.” She expressed concerns over the high numbers of migrants heading to the UK, pointing out that small boat arrivals constituted nearly 45% of the UK’s asylum applications in 2022. That year, 45,755 migrants traversed the Channel, marking a record since data collection began in 2018.

On the topic of asylum seekers, Ms Braverman remarked that many were “gaming the system,” and stressed the importance of partnerships, such as the one with Rwanda, as essential to tackling the issue.

The interview drew scrutiny from Ofcom, with GB News defending its practice of having Conservative MPs host shows. Ofcom’s chief executive, Dame Melanie Dawes, noted that the interview would be in compliance provided the “overall show … preserves due impartiality.”

The Labour party, in response, criticised Ms Braverman’s comments as “fictional garbage” and asserted their plan to resolve the UK’s asylum system’s challenges. Source.

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