Woolfe Lambasts EU’s Migration Handling on GB News: “Powerless and Whistling in the Wind”

Claims bloc’s constrained actions result in ongoing crisis, as costs soar past 110 billion euros over a decade.

In a recent interview on GB News, Steven Woolfe, a prominent political commentator, shared his candid views on the European Union’s handling of the ongoing illegal migration crisis.

Woolfe expressed skepticism about the EU’s ability to effectively manage the situation, claiming that the bloc is “powerless” and merely “whistling in the wind.” He criticised EU politicians for their rhetoric, suggesting that, despite their strong language on the matter, they fail to enact substantial measures due to constraints imposed by EU membership.

He stated that the European Union is restricted by its commissioners and politicians who often align with non-governmental organisations and legal entities. These groups, Woolfe claims, actively seek out laws that thwart stronger actions against illegal immigration.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Woolfe mentioned that over a million individuals have entered the EU through various borders, marking an 80% increase from the Polish side alone, leading into Germany. With Germany contemplating closing its borders for Schengen business, Woolfe emphasised the escalating nature of the crisis.

Drawing attention to the historical context, Woolfe pointed out that Europe has grappled with this issue since 2014, notably with the Syrian crisis, which saw over two and a half million migrants head to Germany. “That is a huge cost to Germany. It’s over 10 billion euros a year,” he added.

Woolfe concluded by revealing research suggesting the EU has spent an astounding 110 billion euros over a decade addressing illegal or “irregular” migration. His poignant ending remark underscored the crux of his argument: “It’s not stopping, it’s carrying on. And until they decide to have something really strong between the countries and stop being wishy-washy about how they deal with it, this will continue.”

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