Susan Hall Expresses Desire to be London’s ‘Labour’ Mayor in major Speech Gaffe

Mayoral Candidate Mistakenly Aligns with Labour in Recent Address

During a speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate for the upcoming London mayoral elections, misspoke, expressing a desire to become the “first female Labour mayor” before promptly correcting herself to “first female London mayor”. The slip happened at the Big London Debate session, just as she was wrapping up her address.

Hall took the opportunity to criticize the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) in London, terming it a disaster for many families and small businesses in outer London. She read out emails from concerned citizens troubled about commuting to work and hospitals due to the Ulez expansion.

Moreover, she took a dig at the incumbent mayor, Sadiq Khan, accusing him of being more interested in writing books and visiting cannabis factories than in addressing the city’s issues. Hall asserted that she aims to rectify the situation in London and is looking forward to replacing Khan in the upcoming election, making life easier for the residents.

Lastly, despite the verbal gaffe, Hall reiterated her dedication towards working for the betterment of London and emphasized her intention to be the city’s first female mayor. Source.

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