Tice Criticises Net Zero Agenda in Sunday Sermon

Politicians’ “Obsession with Net Zero” Slammed as Financially Detrimental to the UK

In a fervent address on GB News, Richard Tice lambasted the push towards net zero targets by UK politicians, dubbing it a severe financial misstep. During his first weekly Sunday Sermon, he expressed concern over what he perceives as the transformation of climate activism into a quasi-religious fervour.

Unlike Brexit, which he views as a matter of national pride, Tice draws a stark contrast with the net zero agenda, terming it as a “religion” with potentially grave economic repercussions for ordinary Britons.

He cautions that the ongoing climate discourse could morph into a “cult”, driven by unyielding belief rather than pragmatic solutions. Tice’s discourse sheds light on a growing dissent over the path towards a carbon-neutral UK, signposting a turbulent discourse ahead. Source

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