UK PM Faces Calls for £2.3bn Additional Aid for Ukraine

Ben Wallace Advocates for Increased Military Support Amid Rising Tensions

Former Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to allocate an additional £2.3 billion for military aid to Ukraine, aiming to bolster its defences against ongoing Russian aggression.

This appeal underscores a growing concern within the UK government regarding the escalating conflict. Wallace’s plea comes in light of the revelation that Germany has now surpassed the UK as the principal European military benefactor to Ukraine.

The proposed funds represent a significant 50% increment on the UK’s current commitment to Ukrainian military aid. However, the forthcoming fiscal deliberations are yet to confirm this augmentation.

These discussions unveil a broader intra-governmental discord concerning the extent of financial support for Ukraine, amidst a backdrop of contrasting approaches within Western nations, illustrated by recent US political divisions over Ukrainian aid. Source

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