Chancellor Hunt Champions Immigration Benefits, Diverges Sharply from Braverman’s Line on Multiculturalism

Amid a heated Tory party conference, Jeremy Hunt breaks ranks to underscore the positive impact of immigration, distancing himself from Suella Braverman’s hardline stance.

During the Tory party conference, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt clarified his perspective on immigration, particularly in response to remarks by Suella Braverman, and discussed the present economic scenario. Hunt disassociated himself from Braverman’s statement that multiculturalism had failed and that uncontrolled illegal migration posed a severe challenge to the West.

He accentuated the benefits of immigration by stating, “I am married to an immigrant and I’ve always believed that we benefit massively as a country from welcoming the brightest and best from all over the world.” He, however, agreed with Braverman on the point that the ongoing criminal activities of gangs smuggling people across the Channel is unfair and abuses British law and public services.

On the financial front, Hunt dismissed the possibility of tax cuts at the moment, stating they would only fuel inflation amidst the existing economic conditions. Despite some party members calling for a reduction in taxes, Hunt emphasised that it wasn’t the appropriate time for such measures as it could exacerbate inflation by increasing disposable income and hence, demand. He also hinted at a stricter scrutiny for benefits claimants to ensure they are actively seeking employment.

The discussions and insights presented in the conference reflect the Conservative party’s attempt to navigate through complex economic and social issues while retaining a balanced outlook. This conference also saw other members like David Davis and Liz Truss sharing their views on various topics ranging from modest tax cuts to a revival of ‘Conservative values.’ Story Source.

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