Tory Revolt Brewing: Sunak Faces Backlash Amid Calls to Defund Conservative Party

A prominent Tory peer rallies donors to withhold funds, igniting a fervour for party reform under the banner of ‘True Conservatism’.

In a bold move that echoes a growing discontent within Conservative ranks, Tory peer Lord Cruddas has rallied party donors to withhold funding until substantial reforms, returning power to the party members, are put in motion. The call came amidst a gala dinner held in Manchester by the Conservative Democratic Organisation (CDO), a grassroots entity striving to restore party control to its members post the coup that saw Rishi Sunak ascend as the party leader, an appointment underscored by MPs.

The event, attended by over 300 individuals including high-profile Conservatives like Dame Priti Patel and former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, was initially intended to raise funds for the CDO’s cause. However, it quickly became a platform for a powerful outcry for reform, with Lord Cruddas urging the cessation of financial contributions to the Conservative Party until agreements on reform were reached.

In a rallying cry, he voiced the urgency to exert pressure on the party board for major alterations, emphasizing the party’s heavy reliance on donors: “So tonight I am asking all Conservative Party donors, including individuals or groups to stop funding the Conservative Party until we can implement the constitutional changes that reintroduce members’ rights.”

Following suit, Dame Priti Patel resonated the call for a reclamation of party control, marking what many perceived as a leadership pitch should the party falter in the forthcoming election. She stressed the necessity for a “bold vision of Conservatism” and urged for the drafting of a manifesto that resonates with core Conservative values of enterprise, opportunity, and democracy, alongside advocating for tax reductions and enhanced economic freedoms for businesses.

The unfolding narrative reveals a staunch plea for reviving a Conservative ethos that resonates with its members and a manifest discontent with the prevailing party leadership. It’s a narrative that’s poised to mount considerable pressure on Rishi Sunak, especially in the light of potential tax cuts, as the clamour for a more democratically-run party with a genuine conservative manifesto gains momentum.

This dissent within the party lines, and the call for a more traditional Conservative ethos, signals a turbulent time ahead as the party navigates through these internal conflicts, with the eyes of both the party faithful and critics closely watching. Source

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