Unyielding Manchester Police Clamp Down on Notorious Remainer’s Disruptive Antics

Steve Bray’s Encounter with Local Authorities Highlights a Stark Contrast in Police Tolerance

In a recent incident during the Tory party conference in Manchester, infamous Remain campaigner Steve Bray found himself in a heated confrontation with the local police, who were less indulgent compared to their London counterparts regarding his boisterous protests.

Mr Bray, who had traveled from London to continue his well-known disruptions, was sternly instructed by a superintendent on the specifics of where and how protests could be conducted in the city.

Despite being offered a designated spot in the town square for small protests, Mr Bray and his cohort vehemently argued against the directive, defying the established norms and accusing the authorities of suppressing their right to protest. The unyielding police officer, emphasising the need for order and the rights of other citizens, stood firm on the guidelines, contrasting the more lenient approach often seen in London.

This encounter underscores a differing level of tolerance for such disruptive antics, casting a spotlight on the challenges of balancing the right to protest with maintaining public order and the rights of others.

Mr Bray’s refusal to adhere to the local guidelines on protesting resulted in a stark warning from the officer that continued defiance could lead to his arrest and the seizure of his loudspeakers, highlighting the no-nonsense approach of the Manchester police. The incident reflects a firm stance against public nuisances, setting a clear precedent on the enforcement of laws and regulations pertaining to public protests. This enforcement is a refreshing reminder of the importance of adhering to local laws and respecting the rights and peace of the broader community, even in the face of political disagreements. Story Source

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2 thoughts on “Unyielding Manchester Police Clamp Down on Notorious Remainer’s Disruptive Antics

  1. It is the likes of Steve Bray along with Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion that are corrupting the rights to protest by targeting the ordinary citizens in our society with their antics leading to major support of the restrictions being placed on all groups

  2. I would bang Steve bray up.when you go to London all you hear is him mouthing off round pàrliment .time he got a job.

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