Brexit in Danger: Lord Frost Raises Concerns

Urges Rishi Sunak to Act and Protect UK’s Sovereignty

Lord Frost, a strong supporter of Brexit, has shared serious concerns about what could happen to Brexit after the next general election. Speaking at a Centre for Brexit Studies event, he worried that if Labour wins, the UK might get closer to the European Union (EU) economically. He also said the current government should talk more about the good things Brexit has brought, instead of letting negative news dominate.

In Manchester, Frost spoke about Labour possibly trying to make small deals with the EU to rebuild economic ties, a method he referred to as “salami slicing.” Being a key player in shaping Brexit, he stressed how important it is for the Conservatives to win the upcoming election to keep Brexit intact.

At another event held by the Tax Payer’s Alliance, Lord Frost shared some ideas for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to help the Conservative party stay in power. He highlighted three key points: showing a clear vision of what a Conservative-led Britain would look like, suggesting a tax cut along with necessary spending cuts, and calling for a closer look at the government’s net zero project to make sure it’s on the right track.

Frost wants Sunak, who will be speaking to Conservative members on Wednesday, to clearly show the difference between a Conservative and Labour-led Britain, echoing the strong conservative values seen during Thatcher’s time. Although a recent poll showed a slight improvement for the Conservatives, Sunak is facing challenges within his party over high taxes and the debate on the HS2 project.

Lord Frost’s warning emphasises the need for a united Conservative stance to ensure the UK stays on course with Brexit. Source

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