Farage Denounces Braverman’s Tory Conference Speech as ‘Absolutely Pathetic’

Home Secretary’s rhetoric on curbing illegal migration lacks concrete solutions, according to the former Brexit Party leader

In a recent vocal criticism, Nigel Farage lashed out at Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s keynote address at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Braverman, during her address, acknowledged the urgent need to address the “hurricane” of illegal migrants making their way to Britain. However, Farage, speaking on GB News, accused the Home Secretary of merely peddling “rhetoric” devoid of tangible solutions to this pressing issue.

Braverman expressed her resolve to “do whatever it takes to stop the boats and deter bogus asylum seekers” amid the current heightened levels of immigration. Nonetheless, Farage termed the speech “gutless” and expressed disillusionment on the lack of clarity on government’s next steps towards halting illegal Channel crossings. He remarked, “Lots of rhetoric, ‘there’s a hurricane of immigration’, but when it comes to solutions, nothing.”

Farage’s disappointment also stemmed from Braverman’s omission of any mention regarding the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which was anticipated to be a major policy declaration. The ex-Brexit Party leader found Braverman’s speech to be a “biggest failure” of the Tory conference, particularly criticizing the lack of a robust stance against illegal immigration, which he sees as one of the UK’s paramount issues.

Braverman, on her part, asserted that the illegal migrants view Britain as an “entirely realistic prospect” for entry, with over 25,000 individuals having arrived illegally via the English Channel so far in 2023. Farage, however, questioned the Tory’s stance compared to Labour, especially in the light of high taxes and open borders under the current government.

In his concluding remarks, Farage emphasized that Braverman should have presented a firm stance on stopping the illegal crossings, exiting the ECHR, and finalizing the Brexit process, thereby restoring the UK’s control over its borders and legal systems.

Further comments from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Braverman’s critique of the Human Rights Act were also highlighted in the discussion, displaying a divided political landscape on immigration and human rights policies. Source.

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