Sunak Stands Firm Amid HS2 Controversy at Tory Conference

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defends his position on HS2 amidst scrutiny, assuring focus on broader national interests.

Amidst a swirl of controversy surrounding the HS2 rail project, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak held his ground against detractors during a heated exchange with a BBC host at the Tory party conference in Manchester. The Prime Minister dismissed claims that discussions on HS2 had overshadowed the conference, instead highlighting other vital topics at the forefront of the discussions.

In a response to BBC presenter Jon Kay’s assertion regarding a perceived loss of control over HS2, Sunak retorted, “Well I can tell you because I’m at the conference talking to all my MPs and everyone else that’s not what they’re talking about.” He underscored the Tory focus on net zero initiatives expected to save constituents significant sums, long-term funding commitments to 55 towns, and legislative actions like Jade’s Law aimed at societal betterment.

Sunak is anticipated to announce the cessation of the HS2 leg to Manchester in his keynote address tomorrow, potentially cushioning the impact with investments in alternative projects for the North. His robust stance reflected a commitment to broader national issues, emphasising a decline in inflation and alleviation of living costs for families as paramount concerns.

Despite the fervent discussion on HS2, Sunak’s steadfastness portrayed a leadership unswayed by contentious debates, aiming for a balanced discourse on a gamut of pressing national issues at the Tory conference. The Prime Minister’s retort signified a deliberate shift in narrative, underscoring the Conservative Party’s broader agenda amidst a turbulent political landscape. Source

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