Farage Lambasts Adam Boulton’s Call to Silence GB News

Undeterred by recent controversies, Nigel Farage defends the news channel’s crucial role in UK’s political dialogue

Nigel Farage, the unyielding defender of GB News, criticised individuals and factions calling for the channel to be taken off air. This controversy emerged following comments made by presenter Laurence Fox, which the channel admitted were “totally unacceptable.” Fox, along with Dan Wootton, has been suspended pending an internal investigation. In spite of this setback, Farage confidently claimed that not only will GB News survive, but it will “thrive” from this incident, continuing to play a significant role in the UK’s public discourse.

During a recent debate concerning the future of GB News, broadcaster Adam Boulton labelled the channel as a disruptor to the UK’s broadcast ecology, suggesting it should be shut down by regulatory authority Ofcom. Farage retorted fiercely to these remarks, stating, “Adam Boulton… God help us!”. He drew parallels to past attempts to muzzle UKIP and asserted there’s no chance GB News would face a similar fate, articulating the channel’s value and influence on British public life.

The channel has since expressed its remorse over the incident, with both Fox and Wootton apologising for their remarks. GB News issued a statement condemning Fox’s comments and has initiated an investigation into the matter to prevent such lapses in the future.

Farage’s staunch stance against the shutdown calls showcases the resilient spirit of GB News and underscores its growing importance in fostering robust political discussions in the UK, against the backdrop of ever-evolving debates and challenges in the broadcasting sector. Source

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2 thoughts on “Farage Lambasts Adam Boulton’s Call to Silence GB News

  1. I love GBNews tells the truth and very informative. Adam Boulton is a horrid man and not professional in any way! He needs to be removed.

  2. Why is it Nice decent men & women who want to make this country a better place have to put up with these nasty woke idiots who don’t give a damn about the good of this county & its people. Same people who didn’t leave Boris alone from the instant he was PM till they made sure he was out. 

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