Sunak Delivers Resounding Rebuff to EU Alignment Advocates

The Prime Minister unveils a bold agenda for change, calling Brexit a ‘vote to change’, whilst lambasting Labour’s stance on EU alignment.

In a robust address at the Conservative conference in Manchester, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak outlined an ambitious plan for post-Brexit Britain, asserting that the 2016 vote was fundamentally a “vote to change.” He emphasised the need to continue championing the cause for taking back control from the European Union, warning against opposition efforts to realign the UK with the EU and thereby squander the full potential of Brexit.

Sunak did not mince words when discussing Labour leader Keir Starmer, accusing him of vacillating on Brexit issues, and a lack of trustworthiness therein. The Prime Minister highlighted instances where Starmer allegedly changed his stance on key Brexit matters, such as respecting the referendum result and free movement, amongst others.

Reflecting on his first year in office, Sunak conveyed dissatisfaction with a political system overly focused on short-term gains at the expense of long-term success. He pledged to shift this paradigm, targeting a significant transformation of the country’s political landscape.

One of the noteworthy announcements was the cancellation of the northern leg of the HS2 project. Sunak described it as emblematic of outdated consensus, opting instead for a £36 billion investment in numerous new transport initiatives across the North, Midlands, and other regions. This move, he elaborated, is aimed at driving growth and change across the nation.

The Prime Minister also lauded the economic growth witnessed post-Brexit, attributing the UK’s faster growth rate compared to France and Germany to its exit from the single market. He highlighted the newfound control over trade policy as a pivotal factor enabling the UK to become the first European country to join the £11 trillion Pacific trade pact. This, along with the establishment of new free ports and the reduction of bureaucratic red tape from Brussels, Sunak argued, is testament to the flourishing opportunities Brexit has availed to the country.

Sunak’s speech painted a picture of a UK poised to seize the Brexit bull by the horns, as he delineated a path aimed at leveraging the autonomy regained from the EU to foster national growth and long-term prosperity. The narrative starkly juxtaposed the alleged indecisiveness and EU-leanings of the opposition, portraying a conservative vision rooted in self-determination and pragmatic governance. Source

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