Farage Says No to Joining Tories Again Due to UK’s “Population Crisis”

Claims Tories Have No Solution for Issues Caused by Migration

Nigel Farage, who used to lead the Brexit Party, has said he won’t rejoin the Conservative Party unless they take serious action on what he calls the UK’s “population crisis”. On the show Good Morning Britain, he criticised the Tories for not having plans to ease the pressure on housing and doctor services caused by migration. Many young members of the party agree with him, finding the current Tory leadership uninspiring.

Even though he was warmly welcomed at a recent Tory conference in Manchester, Farage has made it clear he won’t rejoin the party as it stands now. At the conference, he interacted with young party members who are eager for new and strong ideas for the UK’s future, something they feel is lacking with the current Tory politicians. He even sang a karaoke duet with former Home Secretary, Priti Patel, which led to people asking if Rishi Sunak and other Tory leaders would welcome him back.

Rishi Sunak mentioned that the Conservative Party is open to having Farage back, something past Tory leaders didn’t express. This change might be because the Tories are struggling to keep support, especially from the Red Wall voters who switched sides in 2019, mostly through the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

However, Farage points out that the government’s poor handling of migration issues, affecting housing and access to doctors, stops him from rejoining. Even though he hinted at a possible return after the next election if the Tories change their ways, he remains on the sidelines for now. This situation has history; Farage left the Tories in 1992 after a major treaty was signed, showing a long-lasting disagreement that continues to grow with the current stance on immigration and population problems.

Farage’s views highlight the bigger discussion on needing better policies to tackle the growing population problems and the stress on important services. The Tory leadership needs to address these issues well to possibly rebuild connections with influential people like Farage and the groups they represent. Source

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