Panellist’s Outburst on ECHR Exit Overshadows Migration Debate

Critics Miss the Mark on Home Secretary’s Warnings

During a recent BBC One Question Time debate, focus was shifted from the impending immigration issue to a discussion on the UK’s association with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s remarks on the imminent “hurricane” of migration was detracted by a panelist, who claimed that exiting the ECHR posed the “real threat” to the nation.

The debate was spurred following Braverman’s Conservative Party conference speech, where she drew attention to the escalating migration issue, likening the anticipated influx to a hurricane. The speech, which resonated well with Conservative supporters, was given a standing ovation. However, a section of the audience, notably panellist Emma Dabiri, shifted the discussion towards the UK’s stance on the ECHR.

Dabiri argued that the perceived threat from migrants is manipulated, and the real danger lies in the UK’s potential exit from the ECHR, which according to her, undermines human rights and leaves individuals vulnerable. She insisted that the government’s stance on small boat crossings was a pretext to consider exiting the ECHR.

Contrarily, Conservative MP Richard Holden disputed Dabiri’s comparison and defended Braverman’s choice of words. He reiterated that the term “hurricane” aptly portrays the magnitude of the immigration issue, emphasising the West’s incapacity to accommodate the expected surge in migration. He dismissed the parallels drawn between Braverman’s rhetoric and past divisive speeches on immigration, underscoring the urgency in addressing the migration crisis.

While critics veer off into debates on human rights conventions, the stark warning on the impending migration crisis by Home Secretary Suella Braverman remains a grave concern that warrants undivided attention. Source

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  1. I can only assume that those denying the potential harm that uncontrolled immigration could cause to UK society are either deluded or in fact happy to see the UK fall into a divided lawless society.

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