Tice Stands Firm: Clash with Ex-Labour Minister over the Tide of Illegal Migration!

Reform UK Leader Confronts Ex-Labour Minister, Demanding More than Mere Diplomacy in the Face of Migration Crisis

In a markedly heated exchange on GB News, Richard Tice, the leader of Reform UK, fervently clashed with ex-Labour minister, Denis MacShane, regarding the new EU-UK deal on migration intelligence. The tension culminated in Tice firmly advising MacShane to “get a lawyer”, accentuating his staunch stance on the contentious issue of migration and international law.

Tice was vehement in his criticism of what he perceives as a critical and unchecked illegal migration crisis, flatly dismissing “warm words” and calling for resolute action akin to Australia’s stringent migration controls. He articulated that “Illegal migration is completely out of control”, emphasising that mere conversational gestures will not ameliorate the burgeoning issue. Tice underscored his argument, stating, “The only thing that works is what works in Australia, you pick up and take back which you are entitled to do under International Treaty Law, otherwise nothing will happen, nothing will change.”

The discourse further intensified as Tice showcased his well-versed understanding of pertinent international treaties, confidently challenging MacShane’s accusations of legal ignorance by referencing specific clauses from the 1974 Safety on Life at Sea and the 1982 UN Convention on the Law at Sea.

The ensuing migrant deal, brokered by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, portends the UK gaining access to the EU’s migration intelligence across all EU external borders. While some perceive this as a sensible step towards collaboration, staunch conservatives like Tice view this as an insipid meander back to pre-Brexit cooperation, without meaningfully addressing the root causes and solutions for the migration debacle.

Though European leaders and UK officials forge paths to tackle organised immigration crime and disrupt clandestine entry to Britain through cooperation with countries like Belgium and Serbia, Tice remains a sturdy conservative bulwark, demanding more than placative measures, and seeking concrete actions to stem the migratory tide.

With in-depth knowledge, unyielding resolve, and a relentless pursuit of definitive answers, Tice continues to hold figures like MacShane to account, ensuring that the matter of illegal migration is addressed with the gravity and earnest action it demands. Story source

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