Reform UK’s Cox Strikes a Blow to Khan’s Regressive ULEZ Scheme, Pledging Reimbursement to Londoners

Howard Cox, standing against incumbent Sadiq Khan in the upcoming mayoral race, vows to dismantle the punitive Ultra Low Emission Zone charges and promises reimbursement to the burdened citizens.

In a recent unfolding, Howard Cox, the contender from Reform UK in the forthcoming London Mayor election, has emphatically pledged to abolish the existing Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charges, a scheme ardently rolled out by the current Mayor, Sadiq Khan. This audacious move by Cox was revealed as he delineated his commitment to refund every charge postulated from the ULEZ, marking a monumental promise that could potentially cost hundreds of millions. His proposition encompasses not only the annulment of ULEZ across greater London but also a staunch assurance to reimburse both the fines and the daily fees incurred by the citizens due to this policy.

At present, the ULEZ mandates a daily fee of £12.50 for drivers of diesel vehicles older than 2015 and petrol vehicles older than 2005, which aggregates to an onerous £4,500 annually for daily commuters. This regressive policy, according to Cox, epitomises nothing but a ‘cash-grabbing’ agenda under Khan’s mayoral tenure.

Expressing his resolve in a speech at the Reform UK’s conference, Cox articulates, “When elected as London’s Mayor, on day one, not only will I close down the ULEZ cash-grabbing department in TfL and scrap all ULEZ. I will refund all fines and fees paid in the new despised ULEZ expansion zone since August 29th, 2023.” His proclamation also extended a challenge to Conservative candidate Susan Hall to mirror his pledge, a move she has yet to fully endorse.

Cox’s firm stand against the ULEZ scheme has garnered substantial support, especially amongst motorists and taxi drivers, who have found an ally in him. His long-standing advocacy for fair fuel policies underscores his allegiance to alleviating the financial strain on London’s motorists, starkly contrasting with Mayor Khan’s revenue-generating ULEZ initiative which is perceived as an excessive financial burden on the common people.

Amid growing concerns that Labour intends to implement similar ULEZ schemes nationwide, Cox’s bold commitment not only ignites a beacon of hope for the overtaxed Londoners but also significantly heats up the mayoral race, bringing a clear conservative alternative to the forefront against the incumbent Khan’s revenue-centric policies. Story source

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