Calls Mount for Labour to Oust Hard-Left Pro-Palestine MP Amidst Israel Row

Calls for Action Against Labour MP Apsana Begum Intensify Amid Israel Controversy

An intense controversy has erupted within the Labour Party as increasing demands surface for the expulsion of MP Apsana Begum, who has been deeply involved in pro-Palestinian activities. Conservative Party Chairman Greg Hands has fervently called on the Labour Party to withdraw their support for Begum due to her recent tweet endorsing a pro-Palestinian campaign group.

Hands conveyed his concerns regarding the existence of “anti-semitic” sentiments within the Labour Party through a letter addressed to its chair, Anneliese Dodds. The concerns stem from an online exchange between Begum and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) on the social media platform X, leading to widespread outrage following the PSC’s call for a rally outside the Israeli embassy.

The planned pro-Palestinian demonstration is a direct response to the Hamas attacks in Gaza, which claimed the lives of more than 700 Israelis on October 7th. The PSC specifically commended Begum, a left-wing MP representing Poplar and Limehouse in East London, for her unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Mr. Hands, in his letter, vociferously questions Begum’s actions and timing, as she tweeted her support for the PSC shortly after the terrorist organisation Hamas orchestrated the deaths of over 1,000 people in Israel. Furthermore, the PSC’s announcement of a protest outside the Israeli Embassy on Monday night, demanding an end to what they call Israel’s “violent imposition of occupation, apartheid, and colonisation over the Palestinian people,” only adds fuel to the fire.

Highlighting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s declaration that labeling the existence of the State of Israel as a “racist endeavor” qualifies as anti-semitic, Hands urges the Labour Party to take immediate action. Despite the party’s claims of a commitment to reform, reports suggest that no steps have been taken to suspend Begum or remove the PSC from their conference.

The eminent association of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign with antisemitism and extremist ideologies is a matter that demands attention from any political party concerned with maintaining ethical standards and responsible conduct within its ranks. Adding to the mounting controversy, on Tuesday, October 10th, the PSC is set to host an event at the Labour Party Conference, titled “Justice for Palestine: End Apartheid,” featuring Ben Jamal from the PSC.

During a recent interview on LBC, Ben Jamal failed to unequivocally condemn the actions of Hamas on five separate occasions, triggering significant concern. Labour MP John McDonnell, Labour NEC member Jess Bernard, and Labour donor and union leader Mick Whelan are scheduled to share a platform with Jamal during the event, prompting questions about potential action against these individuals if they fail to wholeheartedly condemn Hamas. Story Source

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