Jacob Rees-Mogg Identifies Iran as the Puppeteer Behind Hamas’s Reign of Terror in Israel

Unwavering support for Israel urged as Rees-Mogg unfolds Iran’s malevolent orchestration of recent atrocities against the Jewish state

In a poignant narrative on GB News, Jacob Rees-Mogg evoked the haunting memories of the Holocaust while shedding light on the recent unprecedented terror attacks in Israel orchestrated by Hamas. Rees-Mogg meticulously unfurled the historical tapestry, linking the birth of Israel post-Holocaust to the contemporary bloodshed perpetrated by what he termed as “Nazi-inspired Islamist terrorists.”

The cascade of terror left a deep scar with over 700 Israelis killed, a festival besieged leading to 250 deaths, and nearly 100 individuals abducted, including a Holocaust survivor. This, Rees-Mogg argued, is emblematic of the historical anti-Semitic vein running through the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a fabricated text endorsed by Hamas in its 1988 Charter.

With a scathing critique, Rees-Mogg chastised the BBC for its mild portrayal of Hamas as “militants,” which seemingly legitimises horrific acts of violence as military strategies. He then pivoted the discourse towards the geopolitical chessboard, branding Hamas as a pawn maneuvered by Iran to destabilise a US-brokered peace accord between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Delving deeper into the sinister geopolitics, Rees-Mogg pointed out the recent financial aid of $6 billion handed over to Iran by the Biden administration, terming it as a self-defeating act of funding an adversary. He emphasised the crucial alliance between the UK, Israel, and the broader Western sphere as a bulwark against Iran’s nefarious ambitions.

Rees-Mogg’s narrative underscores Israel as a “beacon of freedom in a democratic desert,” facing an existential threat exacerbated by Iran’s puppetry through Hamas. The somber comparison to the Holocaust serves as a stark reminder of the horrifying possibilities if Iran’s aggression goes unchecked. Rees-Mogg’s rallying cry for a stronger alliance with Israel echoes the dire necessity to confront and curb Iran’s menacing influence in the Middle East.

The urgency and the depth of Rees-Mogg’s discourse illuminate the complex interplay of historical prejudices, modern-day terrorism, and geopolitical rivalries. It’s a clarion call for the UK and the Western world to fortify their support for Israel, thereby identifying and thwarting the ominous puppetry of Iran in orchestrating terror. Story Source

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2 thoughts on “Jacob Rees-Mogg Identifies Iran as the Puppeteer Behind Hamas’s Reign of Terror in Israel

  1. There is no rationale for funding any Palestine-controlled organizations as it directly or otherwise subsidizes terrorism.

    1. All the time Israel is led by an almost convicted ultra right wing criminal, there is absolutely no hope for peace in the region.
      Mr. Rabin’s assassination after peace talks with Yasser Arafat is testament to Israel’s unwillingness to find a peaceful solution and respect Palestinian desires for a two state region.

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