Isis Gesture Evident Amid London Protests as Sunak Condemns Hamas Support

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak takes a firm stand against Hamas amidst tense London demonstrations, where an individual was spotted signalling an Isis-associated gesture.

London’s pro-Palestine demonstrations took an alarming turn when a protestor was caught on camera making a gesture commonly associated with Isis. This incident brought attention to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s resolve to act against Hamas supporters amidst the continuing hostilities between Israel and Hamas.

As the conflict in the Middle East enters its fourth day, claiming lives on both sides after a sudden assault by militants on Israel, the streets of London echo with agitation. A moment captured on camera during the protests showed a demonstrator making what could be an Isis-affiliated gesture, sparking a widespread reaction.

In a conversation with GB News, Nigel Farage expressed his concerns about the incident and pondered if the law enforcement should intensify their efforts, especially when Sunak has vowed to act against those supporting Hamas.

One protestor, while speaking to GB News, repeatedly displayed his index finger, a gesture that could be perceived as a nod to Isis, stating, “This is the end of the occupation against Palestinian people. Israel is a terrorist state.” He then covered his face with what seemed to be a balaclava, refraining from answering any further inquiries.

Addressing the matter on GB News, Farage described the gesture as “deeply provocative.” He remarked, “Many would say it’s an old Islamic symbol to say there is ‘just one God’. It has however been appropriated by Isis in the last few years. I’m not saying this individual was Isis, but I am saying this was at the very least, deeply provocative.”

The incident has been a catalyst for a broader discussion on the support for Hamas amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas skirmishes. The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has urged the police to take action against evident displays of backing for Hamas during these tense times.

Prime Minister Sunak has publicly denounced any support for Hamas, a “proscribed terror organisation” in the UK, following their “barbaric acts of terrorism.” He affirmed, “People should not be supporting Hamas and we will make sure that we hold people to account if they are.” His stance was reinforced by Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, who discouraged pro-Palestine demonstrations, citing the distress they cause.

In a gesture to bolster the confidence of the British Jewish community, Sunak visited a north London synagogue, reassuring the attendees of his and the UK’s support for Israel during these turbulent times.

The incident and Sunak’s strong stance against Hamas support highlight the domestic repercussions of the ongoing conflict and the UK’s stance amidst escalating international tensions. Story Source

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