Biden’s Mental Fitness Questioned as 2024 Election Looms

Internal Democratic Stirrings Highlight Rising Concerns

As the 2024 re-election campaign picks up pace, the mental fitness of 80-year-old President Joe Biden is being increasingly questioned by some figures within his own Democratic Party, following a series of public gaffes. Minnesota’s Dean Phillips is reportedly considering a run, seeking advice from strategists on challenging the incumbent Commander-in-Chief.

The American electorate’s concerns regarding Biden’s mental acuity are growing, with a significant number of voters expressing apprehensions about his age. Representative Hillary Scholten suggests that a challenge within the Democratic primary could be beneficial for Biden, forcing him to prove his fitness for the prestigious office. Scholten, representing a traditionally Republican sector in Western Michigan, told Politico, “Only positive things could come from an open and competitive primary in the presidential election. It is a detriment to all of us if we are ignoring the public’s concerns around the president’s image.”

Speculation surrounding a potential challenge by Phillips follows after Robert F Kennedy Junior opted out of the Democratic race, launching an independent campaign instead. This move could have notable implications for the 2024 election, especially with Kennedy drawing support from Covid-sceptic Americans, a demographic that formerly rallied behind ex-President Donald Trump.

On the Republican front, 77-year-old Trump is displaying resilience in the party’s crowded primary race, despite facing opposition from numerous contenders within his party. The robust primary could potentially toughen Trump for a re-encounter with Biden in 2024.

Democrats recently reportedly tuned into livestreams of focus groups from the swing states of Nevada and Michigan, where respondents vocalised increasing worry about the President’s age. This growing concern is prompting some to suggest that Biden could take a leaf out of Ronald Reagan’s book, who, during his 1984 campaign at 73, humorously tackled questions about his age against a much younger opponent.

Current opinion polls hint at a favourable scenario for Biden against his Democratic challengers, yet the potential rematch with Trump seems less certain. A recent Fox News poll shows Biden leading Trump by a mere one point, a margin slim enough that could tip the electoral scales in favour of Trump, reminiscent of the 2016 scenario.

The unfolding dynamics within the Democratic Party and the potential rematch with Trump are setting the stage for an intriguing run-up to the 2024 presidential elections. Story Source

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