Outrage Sparks as Individuals Tear Down Missing Person Posters of kidnapped Israelis in London

Individuals questioned the missing persons campaign, igniting a fervid debate on social media

In a shocking act, two women were caught on camera tearing down posters detailing over 100 missing Israelis and other civilians held captive by Hamas, displayed on a building in London. This incident, which took place next to a Costa Coffee, has triggered outrage among the public, urging the Metropolitan Police to look into the matter.

The video reveals the moment when one of the women angrily retorted, “Okay, what about the children in Palestine?” as they were confronted for their actions. The campaign, which involves numerous “KIDNAPPED” posters showing the names, ages, and origins of the hostages, aims to raise awareness of as many as 150 individuals reportedly being held in various locations in Gaza by the terrorist group. Among the hostages are American and British citizens.

Former International Media Advisor to the President of Israel, Eylon Levy, shared the video sparking a heated online debate. Users expressed their discontent, with one pointing out, “It’s children, it’s innocent people”, echoing the concern of many who viewed the incident as a blatant disregard for human lives.

The discourse escalated further on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, where individuals voiced their dismay and called for action. A subsequent video emerged, showing another pair, a man and a woman, also removing a poster from a lamp post. When confronted by journalist Elad Simchayoff, the man responded with a nonchalant, “I feel so good.”

This series of events has ignited a passionate discussion about the ongoing conflict and the morality of such acts, especially at a time when families are desperate for information on their loved ones. The Metropolitan Police have been urged not to overlook these incidents, as the plea for awareness and justice continues to reverberate across social media. Story Source

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