PM Sunak’s Approval Plunges Post Conservative Conference, Labour Edges Ahead

The latest polls cast a shadow over Sunak’s reign as Prime Minister, while Labour’s Starmer sees a modest dip in approval ratings

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is facing a backlash following the Conservative Party conference, with his approval rating dropping to a dismal 20%. The new polling data reveals a significant fall in Sunak’s popularity, marking his lowest approval rating since he succeeded Liz Truss in Downing Street last autumn. On the other side of the aisle, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s approval rating experienced a modest decline from 34% to 32% over the same period.

The YouGov survey conducted for The Times showcases an unsettling scenario for the Conservatives. The data was collected post the Leader of the Opposition’s keynote speech in Liverpool, reflecting a growing preference for Labour among the electorate. A substantial 47% of respondents indicated they would vote for Labour if an election was held tomorrow, whereas only 24% are currently backing the Conservatives.

The poll suggests that Sunak’s keynote speech at the Tory conference failed to impress, contrary to the expectations of Tory strategists who hoped it could provide a much-needed boost. It has been suggested that Sunak aimed to cut Labour’s lead to just 10 points by Christmas, a goal that now seems increasingly ambitious as public sentiment shifts.

In contrast, Starmer utilised the conference to share his beliefs and policy proposals with the electorate, focusing on clear plans for the country, economic management, and borrowing to fund new infrastructure and offer better remuneration for NHS staff. Starmer’s plan to tackle housing issues received mixed reactions, revealing a split opinion among voters.

The changing political tide, as mirrored in these recent polls, hints at a potential reshuffle in public allegiance. As Sunak’s popularity wanes and Labour’s lead strengthens, the UK’s political landscape appears to be on the cusp of a significant shift. With growing uncertainty among voters about who would make a better Prime Minister, the road ahead for Sunak and the Tories looks increasingly challenging. Story Source

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