Starmer Holds Back on Migration Numbers, Criticises Conservative policies.

Labour Leader criticises Conservative migration policies, avoids specifying Labour’s stance

In a recent interview with GB News, Sir Keir Starmer sidestepped providing a definitive number concerning migration figures under a potential Labour government. Instead, he seized the opportunity to lambast the Conservative Party’s track record on the issue over the past thirteen years.

Starmer described the escalating migration figures as a manifestation of Conservative government failings. However, when pressed to provide a migration figure he’d be content with, Starmer retorted, “I am not going to pluck a number out of the sky.” He criticised the Tories for their tendency to set concrete migration targets and consistently miss them.

The Labour Leader conveyed his vision for a “national journey of renewal,” urging a cross-party approach to mend the nation’s issues, contrasting this with the Tory’s alleged lack of a clear record on migration after thirteen years in power.

Despite his extensive discourse, Starmer faced backlash for dedicating a mere ten words in his Labour Conference speech to tackling illegal migration. The oversight drew sharp criticism from Conservative Party Chairman Greg Hands, who retorted that Labour has “nothing to say” on the matter.

Meanwhile, a Labour source underscored the party’s dedication to national security and border control, emphasising a solid commitment to dismantling criminal gangs and halting small boat crossings.

Furthermore, during the same interview, Starmer discussed Brexit, highlighting three areas—arts, innovation, and trade—where he envisages renegotiating terms with Brussels come 2026, affirming no intention to rejoin the European Union, nor the single market or the customs union. Story Source

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