UK Police Ramp Up Security Ahead of Pro-Palestine March Amid Fears of Terror Attack

Extra 1,000 Officers Deployed in London Following Ex-Hamas Leader’s ‘Day of Jihad’ Call

UK police are on heightened alert due to fears of a terrorist attack following a call for a “day of jihad” by Khaled Meshaal, a former Hamas leader. This comes as Israel orders a 24-hour evacuation of Palestinians from Gaza.

Met police deputy assistant commissioner Laurence Taylor confirmed that a “very significant policing operation” is in place ahead of a pro-Palestine march set for today in London. “For the moment we are doing largely reassurance and protective security patrols but it would, of course, be absolutely remiss of us not to be working in the background from the counter terrorism policing perspective,” Taylor told the Mirror.

Reports of antisemitic abuse have seen a rise, especially in areas with significant Jewish populations. The Met police recorded 105 antisemitic incidents and 75 antisemitic offences from September 30 to October 13. In response, authorities plan to visit every synagogue in London by the end of today and have met with 2,000 parents, students, and school leaders regarding safety concerns.

The security measures come after supporters of both Israel and Palestine clashed in London earlier this week. Palestinian supporters have been tearing down posters featuring missing Israeli children, causing further tension.

Footage circulating on social media shows two women ripping down these posters in Camden. The Israeli military reports over 1,300 casualties, including 222 soldiers, whereas Gaza claims another 1,800 are dead within its territory. Story Source

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