UK Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy Backs Israel’s Right to Defend Itself, Calls for International Law Compliance

Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy in a sharp suit, set against a backdrop of the GB News studio with a British flag, bookshelves, and blue ambient lighting.

Labour MP emphasises the importance of minimising civilian casualties in Gaza, urges UK government to step up humanitarian aid

In an exclusive interview with GB News, UK Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy articulated his support for Israel’s right to defend itself while emphasising that any military action should comply with international law.

“Look, we said right from the beginning that we support Israel’s right to defend itself. They have had the most awful, horrendous terrorist attack,” Lammy stated. He elaborated that Israel has “a right to go into Gaza to get those hostages, to degrade the military rockets and equipment that’s been used against them, and of course to take out Hamas, a prescribed terrorist organisation.”

However, the Labour MP also expressed concerns about the potential for civilian casualties, urging that humanitarian aid and access must be assured. “It’s hugely important that civilian casualties are minimised, that people have access to food, to water, to medicine, and that there are safe corridors so people can pass safely,” Lammy added.

When asked about the UK government’s role in the situation, Lammy revealed that he had called for steps to help British citizens exit both Israel and Gaza. “I’m pleased of course that there are planes now leaving Israel with UK citizens,” he said. He also called on the UK government to reassess the support it gives to the citizens of Gaza, given the increased European Union aid to the area.

In light of the ongoing war in Ukraine, Lammy acknowledged that the international community’s attention is strained but insisted that support for Israel’s actions should remain within the boundaries of international law. “War always takes place where diplomacy has failed, but we must support Israel in its attempt to deal with the prescribed terrorist organisation Hamas,” he explained.

Condemning the recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, Lammy said, “the idea that there are school children not attending school through fear, not wearing uniform through fear, people taking off the Star of David, hiding, pretending that they are not of Jewish faith is entirely unacceptable”.

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