Richard Tice Condemns Celebrity and Media Silence on Israel-Hamas Conflict

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The British commentator accuses celebrities, media outlets, and politicians of cowardice or antisemitism for their lack of condemnation.

In a sermon titled “Cowardice or Antisemitism,” Richard Tice, a prominent British commentator, vehemently criticised the public and media’s silence on the recent Israel-Hamas conflict. He accused the BBC and other institutions of failing to identify the events as acts of terrorism, questioning if this reluctance stems from cowardice or antisemitism.

“You’ve got terrorist fighters from a terrorist organisation called Hamas that invaded the sovereign territory of Israel. The silence on this is shocking,” said Tice. He went on to condemn the lack of action and outspokenness from figures in the public eye, including celebrities, TV stars, and political campaigners.

Drawing parallels to the aftermath of 9/11 in the United States, Tice stated, “The then US President said ‘You’re either with us or you’re against us.’ What’s happened to Israel is far bigger on a relative basis. Yet, where is the outcry?”

Tice particularly called out the BBC for their failure to label the conflict as a terrorist act. “They refuse to say that this is a terrorist act by terrorist fighters of a terrorist organisation, even though it’s prescribed under UK law,” he added.

The sermon, described by some as divisive, calls into question the broader issue of why institutions and individuals are choosing to remain silent during this pivotal moment. Story Source

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