Tory MP Accused of Slapping Reclaim Party MP in the Commons

Reclaim Party’s Andrew Bridgen Lodges Complaint Against Crispin Blunt Following Altercation

In a shocking incident at the House of Commons, Reclaim Party MP Andrew Bridgen has accused Tory MP Crispin Blunt of hurling insults and delivering a slap to his head. Bridgen, once a Conservative member before switching allegiances to Reclaim, has lodged a formal complaint with the parliamentary authorities.

He seeks an apology from Blunt for what he termed as a “chop” to his head, which ensued following a disagreement over Bridgen’s past disciplinary action by the Tories contrasted with Blunt’s untouched status despite controversial remarks about Hamas. Bridgen, representing North West Leicestershire, was unharmed but utterly astonished by the behavior, claiming multiple witnesses have corroborated his account to the officials.

The incident has now drawn attention to the code of conduct within the parliament, with a spokesman reiterating a strict “zero tolerance” stance against any form of abuse or harassment. The altercation underscores a potential tension simmering beneath the decorum of parliamentary procedures, bringing a burst of unwelcome drama to the august chambers.

The episode also hints at underlying partisan discord, with the transition of Bridgen from the Conservative to the Reclaim Party possibly serving as a backdrop to the confrontation. Bridgen’s vocal dismay and the subsequent official scrutiny spotlight the imperative for adherence to respectful conduct amongst parliamentarians, to uphold the dignity and the operational harmony of the House of Commons. Story Source

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