Labour Politicians May Quit En-Mass Over Israel Stance

Keir Starmer Faces Councillor Resignations Amid Crisis Talks

Labour Party leader, Sir Keir Starmer, is embroiled in a political storm due to his position on Gaza and Israel, triggering crisis talks amid warnings of mass resignations from councillors and party members. The party’s top brass convened an urgent meeting with council leaders, particularly focusing on potential mass resignations in Leicester council.

Starmer’s steadfast support for Israel has caused a rift, with local officials demanding a retraction of his previous statements concerning Gaza. This internal dissent comes at a time of heightened tension following a disputed explosion at a Gaza hospital, deepening the divide within Labour ranks over Israel-Palestine issues.

Amidst these turbulent times, Starmer and Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy engaged in heated discussions with council leaders, who stressed the urgency to amend the party’s stance. The discontent also resonates with Muslim councillors and voters, further straining party unity.

The debacle saw resignations from councillors in Oxford, Stroud, and Manchester last week, highlighting the escalating discontent within Labour’s ranks. The crisis showcases the challenging balance Starmer faces between distancing from former leader Jeremy Corbyn’s position and appeasing concerned party members, as the Israel-Palestine issue continues to stir internal discord. Story Source.

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