VIDEO: Farage on UK Immigration: “Half a Million People… Enough’s Enough”

Farage highlights concerns over UK’s capacity to manage increasing refugee numbers.

In a recent episode of the GB News Nigel Farage show, the former UKIP leader brought to the fore a pressing concern surrounding the UK’s stance on immigration. While acknowledging the UK’s long-standing history of aiding those in distress, Farage underscored the overwhelming numbers that have come to the UK shores since 2016.

“Since 2016, we have taken in over half a million people… half a million people as refugees,” Farage stated, driving home the enormity of the situation. He continued, “We’ve been told it’s all because of exceptional circumstances in Hong Kong, Syria, Afghanistan and, of course, more recently in Ukraine.” However, with Scotland’s First Minister proposing that the UK be prepared to welcome refugees from Gaza, Farage cautioned that there seems to be a new exception on the horizon.

Drawing attention to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) figures, Farage quoted, “The UNHCR says there are 80 million people around the world who are living in war zones who potentially could qualify as refugees.” This, coupled with the migration across the English Channel, Farage contends could further strain the UK’s capacity to provide refuge.

The episode also highlighted the stance of countries neighbouring Gaza. Drawing on the remarks of the Egyptian president, Farage noted, “[He] said what is happening now in Gaza is an attempt to force civilian residents to migrate to Egypt, which should not be accepted.” Similarly, King Abdullah II of Jordan expressed that Jordan would not be accommodating refugees from Gaza.

Farage referred to the decisions of these countries, stating, “Saudi Arabia did not take a single refugee from Syria because they were worried it would affect their culture and safety… these are words that maybe we ought to listen to.”

The discussion also touched upon concerns over cultural integration and the potential risk to national security. Farage cited a Danish study from 1992, explaining, “In 1992, Denmark gave refuge to 321 Palestinians… by 2019, 64% of those given refuge had obtained criminal records.” He further highlighted the strain on Denmark’s welfare system with the majority of these refugees dependent on it.

In conclusion, while acknowledging the UK’s history of providing refuge, Farage argued that there are clear signs pointing towards the need for introspection on the UK’s immigration policies. Expressing his sentiments, he stated, “I’d ask anyone that thinks we should take large numbers of people from Gaza, why on Earth should we risk our national security?… We’ve had a record over centuries of helping people in trouble, but I say for now, enough’s enough.”

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  1. This clown does not speak for me or others in Scotland. Like Sunak he has been put there to kill the Union and will succeed if England allows him to bring terrorists to scotland

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